Support CCF and our Future Events!

Ah yes, that wonderful, dirty-yet-oh-so-appealing little word. Far as four-letter words goes, it’s one of my favorites! So what do we have in store for our adoring fans? For the time being we’ll be sticking to patches, dice and standard-issue CCF prison denims, but you can bet we’ll have more to play around with once we get into the swing of running events and get our name out there.

Why, you just became my new best friend! If you want to support the CCF or become ‘infamous’ in your own right, for now all we can offer is a shirt, some dice, and maybe a patch or two to adorn your shirt or perhaps your well-worn miniatures case.  Give us a holler, and we can get you as much as you’d like – but be sure to send an email, because we’re not quite up to having online shopping carts and all that fancy jazz.  If it’s a shirt, we need to know your size, Privateer Press forum handle and forum member # (if you’ve got one, nickname or ‘prison name’ and some numbers to look like inmate identifications otherwise).  Shirts are custom-printed and will take a few weeks to finish, dice and patches are kept on hand so unless we run out of stock we can get them to you right away.

You see, we love our community, and it loves us right back.  We put in time and effort, and spend a little (okay maybe more than a little…) of our money to make things happen, and if we’re lucky the money we collect for little things will allow us to offset the cost of some of the overhead.  Selling swag is really the only way we have to make any money at all, since 100% of all entry fees collected goes back to the players – in fact, that’s a prerequisite to running an event in a store. 

Swag Prices:

Buttons $2 each

Patches $5 each

T-Shirts: (Coming Soon)

Champion Coin Sets $5 (Coming Soon!)

Swag Pack for Tourneys $20 (+$15 for 4 patches)

Please contact Ravyn to order swag. Pictures Coming Soon!