Welcome to the official site for the Corvis Correctional Facility

This is the Warmachine and Hordes events resource site for the greater western Washington region.  Here is where you can find events, local venues, and correspond with players and tournament organizers/event organizers about tournaments, demos, conventions and anything else that you could imagine us getting our grubby little digits into!

Currently, CCF is focused on our PAX qualifier, but after the tourney season, espect us to grow and branch out!

What is Corvis Correctional Facility?  I’m not quite qualified to tell you, but I happen to have someone here who is.  Allow me to introduce Lord Asotin Odenkirk, Headmaster and warden of Corvis Correctional Facility…

“You see, what we’ve got here is basically good lot of folks, that is to say they’ve got goodness in ‘em, it’s just buried deep down.  So we try to give ‘em someplace they can play, relax, and even compete with each other without having to worry about watchin’ their backs and without bothering any of you nice, decent folk that have the good sense to stay on the straight-and-narrow.

Since they seem to be partial to these little figurine games, and the particulars of painting and playing around with ‘em, we feel it’s a wholesome way to let them express themselves with a minimum of risk to the community.  Of course, some of the ‘tools’ they insist they need in order to facilitate the preparation, assembly and ‘customization’ of these models seem a bit extraneous…but long as they behave and remember what side of the crosshairs they’re on, King Leto doesn’t mind a little creative freedom.”