"Hey, hey! Take a look at this! I managed to "find" Odenkirk's dossier on some of the innmates here. Yeah, sure you can take a peek, but if you wanna take a longer look, it's gonna cost you."
-Silas McFinley

Below is the information on the Ring Leaders of Corvis Correctional Facility, and the winners of each previous PAX masters.

Smedley – Fancies himself the leader of this rag-tag group of flunkies, social rejects and ne’er do wells. While dangerously energetic at times and occasionally prone to inappropriate outbursts, this inmate is essentially harmless as long as he isn’t permitted to develop a following. Thus far seclusion from the rest of the inmate populace hasn’t been deemed necessary, but the tendency for other inmates to develop a similarly manic interest in his choice of hobbies is rather discomforting.

Heat Death – Very difficult to determine the threat this inmate would pose to society outside the CCF. While behavioral properties have been nominal and well within documented guidelines, there is something deeply sinister about the way this inmate dissects information and processes data, not to mention the calculating coldness behind his ‘smile’. Records were sealed prior to arrival at the CCF and requests to reopen them have been repeatedly dismissed by court custodians, leading this board member to conclude that regardless of his current behavioral record, this inmate is better kept behind lock and key.

Ravyn – At first thought a gravely unwise idea, the decision to have an integrated male/female populace has provided some interesting case studies, one being Ravyn (a.k.a ‘Mistress’ as the inmates are fond of calling her). Little is known about her, though there are rumors a plenty, some say she is a devote worshipper of an entity known as the Devourer Wurm, while others insist she has traveled far north to have dealings with the Blighted Elves. Assuredly these are false due to the seemingly white-collar nature of her crimes (primarily dealing with forgery and replication of priceless works of art, many of which have uncannily fooled even the experts). However they are darkly offset by the accounts of horrors that befell those who threatened to turn her in or expose her operations. The extent of her involvement in these events is unknown, but if the freedom and safety she seems to enjoy amongst the otherwise highly aggressive, violent (and mostly male) populace is any indication, the inmates understand she is a woman not to be trifled with.

Prisoners of Note