“Oh, you’re telling me you never heard of the PAX Master’s Tourney?  Get the cotton outcher ears, boy!  It’s only the single biggest tourney and sweetest bragging rights we see ‘round these parts.  Shoot, it’s the only regional event we’ve got, pulls contenders from hundreds of miles around, all to push these purty little army men around and roll dice and hoot and holler like little kids.  It’s GREAT, I’m telling ya!  Almost makes doing time here bearable…”
-‘Rack-em-up’ Finney

Who is Corvis Correctional Facility?

We are a group of people who not only love all aspects of tabletop gaming, we are particularly fond of the Iron Kingdoms setting, history and most notably the Warmachine and Hordes miniatures games.  In fact, we’re so fond of these games and their setting that we’ve decided to devote a significant amount of time and money to create something for the community that we haven’t previously had – a sense of cohesion, solidarity.  An identity, if you will.  And while we’re at it, why not get creative and have some fun with character portrayals as well? 

Since other game groups have their uniforms or ways to show membership (jackets, bowling shirts, hats, etc.) we wanted something of our own, but we wanted to do more with it than most. So in keeping with the feel of the IK and our love of the game and its setting, we took the group identity aspect a bit further and not only used prison denims as our identifier, we create ‘inmate’ pseudo-profiles using our forum names. Just go to ‘The Yard’ and you’ll see what I mean!

Besides, don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to show up to a large event and have people looking quizzically at the guy (or girl!) with the prison denims with ‘INMATE’ stenciled across the back, with ‘Corvis Correctional Facility’ below that?  Some friends and I went to the last GenCon Socal like that, you should’ve seen the looks we got when we were in line at the breakfast buffet in our hotel!

What is the PAX Masters?

So, what is the PAX Master’s Tourney?  Well, simply put it’s the annual ‘big thing’ for Warmachine and Hordes players in the Pacific Northwest, with a series of qualifier ‘feeder’ tourneys leading up to an invite-only Master’s Tourney on the last day of PAX in the summer.  We’ll have stores in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Vancouver BC all participating this year, each of which will host a tournament where the winner gets an a seat at the master’s.

Each store will have only one qualifier, the winner of which gets one of the 16 seats at the master’s event.  All qualifiers will be mixed Warmachine/Hordes 50 point events, conducted within the Steamroller format.  Players are not required to play the same army in the master’s that they did in their respective qualifier, and players are allowed (and even encouraged!) to attend multiple qualifiers to get multiple shots at winning an invite seat.

This series of tournaments was devised to foster cooperation and excitement within a growing community of Warmachine and Hordes players, for whom there is no other local ‘large event’ and the next closest thing is hundreds/thousands of miles and many hundreds of dollars away at large conventions.  The stores who participate in the qualifier circuit are locations that not only have a substantial following but also have shown the character and dedication to support their community and understand that their hard work is appreciated and repaid through customer loyalty and mutual support.

Who's running this place anyways?

“Beats me. We’re supposed to be under the watchful eye of Odenkirk’s goons but if you ask me, the nuts are in charge of the asylum. There are crazies all over the place, but a notable few seem to exert control over all the lesser scum. Makes my skin crawl, being in here with those whackjobs…”
Louie ‘Mr. Innocent’ McDover

If you want to know more about the personalitites at work, head over to The Yard

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