“Well, lookee here boys, we got ourselves a fresh fish just waitin’ to be hooked.  Tell ya what, you keep yer nose clean behave yourself like a good fish and you might just make it through this with her insides still on yer inside, got it?”
- Walk ‘Can-Opener’ Crumley

Frequently Asked Questions

Our love of Warmachine and Hordes, the people that play the games, and the spirit of competition. To provide the Warmachine/Hordes player community with a regional event, where there is something to be said for even having won a seat at the Master’s Invitational. Our players are devoted, hard-working and loyal – to be perfectly honest they’re the best people we've ever gamed with, and this gives them something big to look forward to.

Please contact Smedley to arrange a date to run a qualifier tournamnet. There are only a few dates open for the 2010 qualifier, so please get ahold of us quickly.

This guy, right here, Smedley is your man.

Players: Check out our Swag Page.

Stores- CCF askes that stores wanting to participate meet a few guidelines:

  1. Stock Privateer Press Products
  2. Have a place to play: Qualifiers usually bring a solid turn out!
  3. Be Awesome: But come-on, if you are looking at hosting a PAX qualifer event, we already know you are awesome!

Good question!  We’re going to focus on coordinating Warmachine and Hordes events initially, with the primary focus being the PAX Master’s Tourney and the qualifier circuit leading up to PAX each year.  But the possibilities are endless, if you’ve got a suggestion we’d love to hear it!